Dining Restaurant
Fajita It is a restaurant located on the second floor of the hotel where you can meet a variety of dishes such as pahita, bokkeum noodle, fried rice, and steak. All day Dining

Service Charge A SET. Fajita grill single plate
Chicken, pork blade shoulder,Shrimp

B SET. Fajita grill meats plate
Chicken, pork blade shoulder, shrimp, Beef sirloin,Beef Chuck tail flap
₩ 49,000

C SET. Fajita grill combo plate
Chicken, pork blade shoulder,shrimp, lamb cutlet, Beef sirloin, Beef Chuck tail flap
₩ 59,000

Service menu
A or B or C + spicy fries + tortilla 6pcs + stir-fried vegetables + jalapeno + mixed salad with 4 special sauce
  • Operating Hours
    Lunch : 12:00 ~ 15:00 Dinner : 18:00 ~ 22:00
  • Guide Use
    Attendance : 200 Person Location: 2F
Inquiry 051 750 8033